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I’ve had this foundation for quite some time now – the second anyone mentions it on Twitter, I can’t help but swoop in with adulation and pale-girl solidarity. It’s a gem. As a ridiculously pink-toned pale lady (I know, awful combination), finding a foundation that manages to get me from one season to another has been a huge strain on both my patience and bank account over the years. However, at least six months on; I’m still very much infatuated with this little beauty. A couple of bloggers were interested in trying out the shade and suggested I did some swatches and a post – so here you go – hope it helps!

illamasqua-skin-base-foundation-swatch-02As you can see, the foundation is super pale, with a more yellowy undertone than my skin really deserves (does a great job of toning down my pinkness!). It goes on reasonably smoothly, though I’d suggest applying in light splodges with a brush at first, then smoothing in with fingers – it doesn’t take too well to my MAC foundation brush. To be honest, I think it looks best when applied with fingers alone, but that’s often more time consuming. The only flaw I can note with this product is that, undoubtedly due to its insanely pale pigment, it isn’t the best of foundations for covering up pesky spots. You’re still going to need to rely on your good pals Mr Concealer and Miss Powder with this one. It is definitely best for general consistent coverage on pale skin. Below is a picture of me wearing just the foundation as a base, without concealer/powder/blush (without flash too):


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18 thoughts on “Review: Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in SB02.

    1. It’s definitely a bit in between. It gets really dry around my nose but shiny on my chin/under my eyes. I wouldn’t recommend on very dry skin though. xo

  1. You star for doing this review – been umming and ahhhing about whether to go for it as my usual MAC is looking too orange after any hint of summer tan dissapeared.

    Think I’m going to take the plunge and give it a go!

    Michelle x

    Under The Cherry Rainbow

  2. Great review, it’s always nice to see products on people’s faces!

    I love Skin Base and 02 is the only foundation I’ve been able to find that’s pale enough for me. I put mine on with my Real Techniques expert face brush which seems to work really well.

  3. I just picked up a (miniscule) sample of this at the counter when buying my Neutral Palette (my latest post!) and I’m eager to try it. It seemed full coverage when they put it on me, and I’ve been favoring medium coverage lately since I’m going through a good skin period, so I keep forgetting to try it. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    P.S. Your eyes are AMAZING.

    Shani x

    1. It’s definitely a ‘builder’ – you can achieve both medium and full coverage with this one. I usually whack on full for nights out and just a little during the day for a more even skin tone. And aww, thank you – you’re making me blush. 😉 xo

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