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On Boxing Day, I spotted a tweet (I spot many-a-tweet, often comes as a side effect of having no life) from Prairie Charms about a mystery box deal that they were working on: pay a measly fiver and receive a mystery set of goodies worth over £30+. Now, I’m a capitalist wet dream: anything to do with offer, sale, on the cheap, I’m on it like my life depends on it (and weirdly enough, it never does), so I jumped on the opportunity to get involved with the scheme. A couple of days back, I received my parcel and quickly got to work tearing it up, to find: two large floral hairbows, a small glittery red bow and some coloured hair ties that absolutely baffled me (thanks for clearing that up, Stephanie!).

I’ll give you a run through of each product but, on the whole, I’m happy with my purchases and will definitely have to keep an eye on Prairie Charms.

  • Floral Bows – usually £10 a piece:


Flippin’ Nora, trying to get those shots was a bicep workout and a half. These are my favourite pieces out of the bunch and, in all absolute candid honesty, the only ones that I’ll probably wear on any sort of regular basis. This isn’t any reflection on the brand, simply down to personal preference: I wouldn’t have necessarily picked the other two products – but I’ll let you read about those in a minute. These bows are nice and versatile, attached to a long elastic which – I’m assuming – can either be used as a hair tie or a head band, but I think I’d look a right nonce with a bow sticking out of the front of my fringe. I’d definitely buy one of these again – I’m already eyeing up their pale blue heart-dotted number…

  • Teensy Tiny Red Glitter Bow – usually £9


As a predominant lover of chunky hair ties, this little baby bow looks slightly daft on my head right now. I want to love it – it’s crafted nicely, it’s aesthetically pleasing when it isn’t sized up to the wonky ratio it creates with my big head – but it really needs to be bigger given how long and thick my hair is. Again, I can’t particularly blame Prairie Charms for this, they didn’t get to witness the bird’s nest that my hair is before sending out my package.

  • Hair Ties – usually £7


At first, these just absolutely dumbfounded me: what are they, why are they? According to Prairie Charms themselves, who explained it all to me: they create these thinner ties in order to prevent snagging and to make them generally easier to use. I’m all for this but, as an avid black bobble fan – due to my jet black barnet – I don’t think I’ll be getting much use out of these. That purple one is definitely growing on me, though…

All in all, I’m still glad that I opted for this deal – I feel I’ve definitely got my money’s worth from even one of the bows. If you want to check out more of their pieces, have a gander at: Prairie Charms.

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