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I’m a novice with Select. A bonafide Select virgin, yet to ever throw their pieces upon my back. Yet, after engaging in a desperate round of, what Louise Rennison would refer to as ‘sticky eyes’ (please tell me someone else worshipped the Georgia Nicholson series), with a burgundy blouse in their store window lately – I decided to check out what they had to offer online (and whether I could find that divine little number again). On first glance and, admittedly without having actually had much physical contact with their pieces to comment on quality, style-wise – I’m quite impressed.

Exhibit A: Wine Devore Tassel Kimono £20 

I’m seeing antique gold ankh earrings, I’m seeing slutty plain black American Apparel bodycon dress, I’m seeing this kimono in my wardrobe. I just hope this tasselly little beaut isn’t the equivalent of some fashionista catfish scam – if it’s really as snazzy as it looks on the site, for a measly £20, then I may become the latest Select disciple.

Exhibit B: White Bow Neck Chiffon Shirt – £12

Were she not such a gloriously snobby bitch, I’d have started this description with “Blair Wardorf called: she wants her shirt back”. Alas, I cannot afford shirts from the likes of Alice + Olivia so, ’til then, adorable pieces like this preppy shirt will have to do. I am 100% sold on the design, but the one downfall I would probably bet my cat’s whiskers on, is that I bet that material is a see-through, voyeuristic bra day waiting to happen. Select, please prove me wrong.

Exhibit C: Black Chunky Sole Lace Up Boots – £18

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 21.44.53

Okay, maybe I just have expensive taste, but these are dubiously cheap. These are Primark surpassing cheap. However, even if they only last two particularly rough nights out before you end up walking around with only one heel and your chipped ‘pedicure’ peeking out the hole in the toe, £18 isn’t going to go too-amiss (the fact that I’ve just written that with a mere £8.25 in my bank account is disgracefully laughable).

With 15% off for students and free delivery over £45 spends, I may have to check out these pieces – if only to see if they hold their own physically as well as they do aesthetically. Have you ever bought anything from Select? If so, let me know of your experiences with their quality.

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