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Beauty boxes are a growing fad amongst those in the fashion ‘know’ – with the likes of the GlossyBox and LatestInBeauty sending out samples and fullsize beauty/makeup products under a monthly subscription. I’ve known about them for a while now but have always been dubious about how beneficial they will actually prove.


However, today I did a little searching about for a discount code for one of the box brands and found that you can get 25% off your first box from, which are usually £9 with P&P on top. For the sake of my blog and research (any excuse!), I’ve used the code SSB25OFF and ordered one box for this month – though I think it has set up as a Direct Debit, so if you want to try out the code too, I’d be wary to ensure that you cancel it afterwards if you’re not into it.

I had a look at the website behind SheSaidBeauty boxes and I was very impressed, it’s a complete social network for beauty and make-up, allowing you to network with bloggers and beauty fanatics all over the UK. It also, similarly to Graze boxes if you’ve bought from them, gives you options for your subscription boxes and ensures that they’re catered to your specific look and needs – especially in regards to skin colour/condition, eye colour and what interests you the most – beautywise.

I have literally no idea as to whether or not I’m going to benefit from this purchase, but I will be posting as soon as I get my box through with a complete run-through and review of each product and the idea itself, and the most important question: whether or not it’s worth subscribing to!

Why don’t you try it out with me? Visit and try out the 25% off code now!

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