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A few months ago, I was trawling the Urban Outfitters website when I came across the most peculiar pair of shoes – Underground’s Creepers. Now, I’m not talking as peculiar as Kobi Levy’s creations, but they are still pretty ‘out there’. Creepers are an amalgamation between huge gothic skate shoes (bit of a paradox, but it does make sense) and the Spice Girls’ platform trainers of the nineties. Arguably, these aren’t the coolest inspirations behind a shoe design, but the cross chain-swathed Tumblr crowd and Hipsters worldwide are swarming to them like Lennon-bespectacled, leather short-donning flies. If you’re listening to the likes of WU LYF and currently sat with bleach destroying the ends of your slightly backcombed hair, chances are – you probably own a pair of these shoes. Add piercings to that equation and you probably fashion a pair as your slippers.

The shoes have been seen on the likes of Rihanna, which isn’t exactly surprising, given she seems to fit a whole season of trends into each of her sex-infused music videos. They’re also the kind of shoes you could expect to see on Taylor Momsen, if she could tear herself away from her prostitute-worthy dollar-filled skyscraper heels. If you’re looking to rock a pair of Creepers yourself, you ought to think of pairing them with some very skinny dark jeans – try Cheap Monday, a graphic shirt and a leather jacket that looks as worn as Mick Jagger’s face (and Maroon 5’s song inspired by the guy). Throw on a tonne of necklaces, whilst keeping the cross trend in mind, paint on that eyeliner and you’re good to go. They are pretty interesting to me, but I really can’t see myself ever buying any…

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