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I’ve seen a few of these posts and thought I’d pop one up of my own skin routine as, for once, I’m enjoying the fact that my skin is uber clear and I can embrace my pale-y ways to the extent of not even wearing foundation day-to-day. Every skincare routine is going to be different; we all have our own little skin complaints and strengths. I’d say my skin was fairly normal, with a tendency to get a little oily around the t-zone, with my main ‘spotty’ areas being my chin and upper lip.

There’s going to be a bit of a #bblogger gasp when I say: as a rule, I rely on face-wipes pretty much daily. I take my make-up off at night with them, apply moisturiser afterwards and use another in the morning to remove any pesky, stubborn mascara before showering. I only physically wash my face when I shower, which is practically daily though, so I guess I’m not too grimily unfeminine. It’s a pretty handy tip to keep your face wash in the shower as it becomes tied into your shower routine, so it’s pretty difficult to forget about – which would probably just lead to a nasty breakout. Here’s a run down of the few products I use to attempt to keep my face in tip-top condition:

  • LUSH Herbalism Solid Cleanser – £6.25

Whilst arguably pretty pricey for a high-street cleanser, LUSH’s ‘Herbalism’ or, in fact, any other of their cleansers (buy according to your skin type), is good value – with each tub lasting at least 2/3 months, with only the tiniest scoop necessary for each use. I just get a bit out with my fingers, lay it out on my palm and rub a little water in, then scrub into the face. It contains ground almonds which act as a natural exfoliant, to ensure your skin stays super smooth without any abrasive chemicals (which you’ll see as beautifully hypocritical when I reveal my moisturiser of choice). The only negatives to this product are pretty superficial: it smells mildly odd and it can look pretty dubious if it just lingers in the bottom of your shower/sink, due to its bizarre green colour. That aside, it’s a damn good cleanser: I’m on my third tub, so I think I’m quite a loyal advocate now.

  • LOréal Paris Dermo-Expertise Youth Code Moisturising Day Cream – £9.99 on, usually £14.99.


You know I was saying about chemicals? Anyway… I think unnatural moisturisers are passable, they’re less abrasive than cleansers, as a rule. This stuff is a quiet little godsend. I’m going to betray my old love LUSH here, in that, after my last batch of Celestial moisturiser after two tubs, I sniffed this gem out of my collection of ‘bought-it, forgot-about-it’ products and I have literally nothing bad to say about it, with Celestial being a thing of distant memory now. It’s gotten to the stage that, as a generally avidly foundation-dependent individual, I have taken to merely lavishly applying this with only blusher and a little layer of powder. I was a little dubious of the ‘Luminize’ aspect to it, but it creates a brilliant affect: it makes the light hit your face in all the right places i.e. cheekbones. And my god, does it make your face soft. I’ve taken to applying it randomly throughout the day just because I love the way it makes my skin feel. Silky smooth guys, silllllky smooth. The smoothness of babies’ bums got nothin’ on this stuff.


  • Estēe Lauder Take It Away Total Makeup Remover – £21.


This is my pricey use-it-once-in-a-blue-moon product. I use this on special occasions, i.e. when I’ve ran out of face wipes and have no other choice. It’s a great product and it completely does what it says on the beautifully-sculptured bottle, without any greasiness and with lovely moisturising qualities, but I wouldn’t say it was anything particularly special: aside from looking pretty on my bedside table.


  • Simple Kind To Skin Exfoliating Facial Wipes in 25 – £3.99.


All fancy pants high-end products aside, this is my staple face product. Every day. Twice a day. Like a boss. I recently saw a post regarding the ‘dangers’ of using facial wipes on your skin – claiming dryness from chemicals and whatnot, but I think the combination of using Simple products, which are as natural as you can get on the high-street (Hey, LUSH, why don’t you get making some facial wipes?) and keeping up with moisturising duties, is really not that big of a deal. Maybe I’m just lucky and incredibly lazy – who knows? I’ve found, as long as I keep on top of the little regime I have going, my skin is usually in pretty tiptop condition. Also, there’s a 3-for-2 offer on at Boots at the moment, might have to jump on that – the biggest con of using facial wipes quite so religiously is they’re costly little swines.


What are your skincare routine staples?

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