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For those of you who were lucky enough to attend Latitude Festival this year, your festival times may have been and gone – but for those of us looking into the future to the likes of Green Man, Leeds/Reading, End of the Road and Beautiful Days festivals, you need look no further for your festival wardrobe. Whilst festivals, if you’re of the female variety mainly, are often a ALT-off catwalk (props to those who carry off heels/wedges in mud), they also present us with a gargantuan challenge: how the hell do I fit all this shit in a rucksack and still have room for 300 face-wipes, 10 spare lipsticks and a portable loo? The trick to this is to think of your new best friends – layers.


A noticable trend for festival wear this year is brightly coloured parkas or rain-coats, to ensure that you look super cool and still remain half-recognisable to your festival pals from across a campsite. So, let’s think brighter the better! You can even be creative and buy a cheap jacket from Primark etc. and dip dye it yourself, for a completely  unique look. Here’s my bright raincoat/mac pick: (click on the image to link to item!)

Another look for jackets this season is Khaki Army, leaving me completely torn between the two. You can either go all out tough and grungy with these jackets by wearing them with monochrome and studs, or you can give them a girly tweak by wearing pinks and beiges with socks and Docs/wellington boots.

A Short on Shorts. 

Shorts are huge at festivals – they’re your absolute staple piece for your weekend away. You can fold them up all nice and small in your ‘luggage’ and they go with practically everything. The looks for the moment are studded, dip-dyed, Aztec adorned and plain old rugged and ripped. I’ll be cutting up some old Levis that I bought on eBay and customising my own. Here are my favourite ones to purchase:


Little floaty dresses are also a great idea for shoving in a rucksack for festivals – especially as they don’t really get all too creased! Think crazy patterns to stand out from the crowd if you’re going for a shorter skater dress, or make like the fashionista celebrities like Alexa Chung/Daisy Lowe and go all out with a maxi dress, statement jacket and tribal-esque accessories.

Remember to pack some thicker layers if you’re planning to get any sleep during the festival periods (I’m pretty sure you’ll need some sleep after partying all day AND night). You could also just buy really cheap jackets/cardigans or even t-shirts and just bin them if they get a bit messy or sweaty.

Next post on festival checklists! Make sure you follow me on Twitter @Ebzo – I talk a lot of fashion, a bit of music and the occasional mention of new posts! PS. For those of you at Leeds or Green Man Festival this year – see you around. 😉

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