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This week I got bored of my weirdly multi-tonal dark brown hair and decided to go back to black. Namely in a bid for people to stop thinking that my name is Lauren and that Ebony is just a bizarre nickname I use to make myself seem dark and mysterious. I decided to try Nice & Easy’s Colour Blend Foam (accidentally in Permanent) in Black. I bought two boxes from ASDA as they were reduced to £5 each and I’ve only used one thus far – though my hair is about 2% patchy so I may have to re-do soon.

Nice & Easy Application Review:

Given that, despite being a beauty blogger of all things, I’m not very good at girly things, my friend helped me dye my hair this time. The instructions on the packet were a little baffling at first, as we’d never used a foam type before, but after you realise that the top nozzle isn’t for pressing and that you’re supposed to squeeze the actual bottle – it was plain-sailing. Another issue with the foam was that it splashed back quite regularly during application, which can be annoying when you’re using a jet black dye – so you need to ensure that all surfaces/clothing are covered before you apply. It also stains skin like crazy and nearly a week on, I’m still sporting black splodges under my fringe – how attractive. I guess that’s no reflection on the product itself, but merely a warning to be super careful when you’re applying.

Only picture of me since doing my hair – sneaky kayak snap from my lovely boyfriend. Shiny, shiny black in the sun!

The colour came out well though – very vibrant and glossy as long as I use enough conditioner. I would be wary about dyeing your hair black however, if like me, you wash your hair quite regularly – black can make it look greasy in no time at all, especially in the fringe. I find that if I don’t wash my hair for a day, my fringe looks pretty rubbish, so dry shampoo is a godsend. Again, this is nothing against the product, just my hair type.

Barry M Nail Colours:

I also bought some new Barry M nail varnishes this week, as I haven’t replenished my collection in about a year! I picked up Black Multi Glitter and Raspberry in the hopes of doing a coat of the colour underneath and then covering with the glitter. However, the Black Multi Glitter isn’t actually the same as the other glitters that the brand do – as I’d seen my friend had been using the blue one they have which looks fantastic over another colour, with thick glitter coverage. The black glitter was sparse, with it being more of a black nail varnish with the occasional tiny chunks of glitter mixed in. Needless to say, it didn’t look right over the Raspberry and lasted about a day before I took it off. How disappointing! So, if you’re looking to buy a good glitter colour from Barry M, stick to the brighter shades as they have much more glitter coverage.

I recommend the Raspberry shade though, very pretty yet sophisticated – and as always with Barry M, super cheap at £2.99 with offers all the time. Click on pictures to be linked to the Barry M site.

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