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I recently got asked to do a post about facemasks, as I’m a keen lover of Lush’s amazing range and facemasks are often just dismissed with the stereotypes of either giggly tweens at a sleepover or frantic ageing beauties clinging to chemical peels – a far cry from the natural and skin-loving products on offer today.

Personally, when I looked into buying my first proper facemasks, I thought it would be best to go into a Lush store and ask for some advice on my skin type and what would work best for me. Given that I have generally normal skin with the occasional break out/shine in my T-zones, the employee suggested that I tried these two products together, which I have been doing ever since:

Oatifix – £5.95 for a 75g tub

This absolutely gorgeous concoction smells like bananas and honey made sweet, sweet love with Ready Brek – it is so difficult not to eat either of my facemasks. This product was recommended for the majority of my face and I apply it to my cheeks, forehead above between my eyebrows and under my eyes. Its main use is to moisturise and, during application and taking it off, you exfoliate the skin due to the ground almonds in the mixture. It is also good for sensitive skin and redness, which I often suffer with – but I would recommend this facemask as a suitable for anyone who doesn’t have excessively oily skin – as the mix goes on very oily itself, to give its moisturising properties.

Cupcake – £5.95 for 75g


This is the mask that I use around my T-zones: my chin, my nose and up to the space between my eyebrows – as it has toning properties from the rhassoul mud in its mixture. The biggest problem that I have with these facemasks is that they literally make you hungry, they smell so tasty – I’ve not given in to eating them yet though! This mask is said to be good for any beginner, especially with younger skin, who is looking for something to get rid of the deep-set grime and grease in their skin, without it containing anything too strong to affect the skin – regardless of its type.

I use them both about twice/three times a week when I can get around to it – it’s nice to just kick back and relax for the odd ten minutes, breathing in that beautiful aroma of chocolate, honey, vanilla and bananas – oh my. They’re even so good that my boyfriend started joining in with me and we’d sit around in them together – bless. I recommend that you pop into your local Lush (good news for Lancaster readers – it’s now open in town!)

Here’s a picture of me looking very sexy in my facemask…

Do you use any facemasks? Let me know!

Ebony xo


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  1. I have heard good things about Lush products that is why I wanna try out these facemasks. They seem like good products to try out. I’ll def go and check them out.

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