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Revlon ColourBurst Matte Lip Balm £7.99 (on 3 for 2) – Boots | Pastel White Mini Satchel £6 – Primark

Lavish Alice Mint Green Pointed Collar Dress £41.99 – Ark | ALLSORTS Chelsea Boots £45 – Topshop | Retro Patterned Co-Ord Set £19.59 – Choies

This month, I’m going for a mahoosive self-overhaul. Recently, I’ve been really struggling with the whole motivation/self-esteem/keeping spirits high and whatnot, so – what does any self-respecting #fblogger do when she’s in a rut? MAKEOVER. And I’m not going about it half-arsed either. The first change is that I’m going for a dramatic hair colour fix, after years and years of consistent ‘Ebony’ locks – opting for a bright, gingery copper shade (like Lana Del Rey on a sunny day) – I think this will be a great move for SS14, especially with all the pastels and girliness set to hit us like a fluffy brick. Once I’ve got bored of it being one colour and my hair’s had time to breathe, I’ll be dip-dyeing the ends to a blonde hue so yeah, big change.

The second change and, to me, the most radical of them all is: I’m getting my teeth whitened. This mightn’t feel like a big deal to some but, I quit smoking at New Year and I’ve always been self-conscious about my teeth: you will NEVER find a picture of me smiling with my g’Nash’ers bared. So I bit the bullet, literally, and booked myself in as a reward for actually sticking to quitting smoking. I’ll be posting a review of the experience after I go on Thursday so, if you’re thinking of getting your own done: keep your eyes (and gums) peeled.

And with a makeover, has to come a new feel-good wardrobe, right? These pieces will look great against my new hair colour and, once my teeth are looking Hollywood white, I’m going to feel so much more comfortable trying new lipstick shades (sorry trusty Russian Red) – especially SS14’s hot shade of orange. And apparently those Revlon sticks are creating quite the beauty blogger storm!

Is anyone else planning a look overhaul soon? Let me know your plans!



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5 thoughts on “WISHLIST: February’s Fancies and Image Overhaul.

  1. Well done for quitting smoking! Think your hair will look amazing as well! I’m going for a bit of an overhaul too, not quite as brave though, just growing my fringe out! 🙂 x

  2. I did a cheeky shop the other day and bought nothing but monochrome! Need to get into ss14 but b/w is so eaaaasy! Can’t wait to see your hair! I’m back to gingery goodness 😉
    Love lucinda xx

    1. It really is, but I’ve just been so monochrome for so long – it’s definitely time for a change! Coral would look boss with our skin tones, too! I’m getting it done tomorrow night hopefully, there’ll be plenty of pictures on Friday. Got my consultation tomorrow morning!

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